How to Open a Flower Shop

how to open a flower shop

Congratulations on your decision to open a flower shop! This site is devoted to helping you “do your homework” before you take the plunge. We aim to provide the resources you need to plan and open a successful flower shop.

While the focus of this site is to guide budding florists through opening a flower shop, great florists know that they’re always learning new things. We hope that this site can provide a resource for florists who are already in bloom!

Businesses are like children. They grow and develop over the years, and it takes a village to raise them. To that end, we provide consulting services beyond the free resources included in this site.

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Hi, I am currently looking at a 3,500 Sq. Ft. space that used to be franchised florist. It is right of a major highway and you can see it driving on the highway. About 88,000 people drive by everyday accodring to the town’s website. I spoke with the leasing company and they are quoting me $9,000+utilities per month. To me, it just seems really high. How can I manage to keep the store running at such high prices?

Ask yourself what volume of sales would you need to generate to cover that type of lease?

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