Delivery Vehicles for a Retail Flower Shop

florist delivery vehicle

Van, Wagon, Truck, Vehicle–Something With Wheels!..

Depending upon you business plan, you will need a delivery vehicle. Plan your vehicle needs for your average to slightly above average delivery days. You can rent vehicles for the holidays and major events. Do not pay insurance and maintenance on a van you will use just four or five times a year. When you are researching vans consider: Price, Maintenance, Operating expense, Capacity, Suitability for your weather, etc.


A Rolling Billboard..

If you’re going to be having a vehicle on the road delivering flowers… take advantage of the opportunity to make a great impression. At the very least, be certain that your vehicle is clean and neat in appearance. While you’re at it, take a look at the driver. Is he or she presenting the image you have chosen for your shop?

Take the opportunity one step further and if it fits your image and your chosen market, have your van painted or purchase decals that advertise your business. Display your phone number, web site and slogan prominently. If your target market is young, new and fun… paint your van in bright colors and make sure flowers are present. If your target market is more high end, or elegant event work, have your van lettered in a fitting style.